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Sending some New Year's loving to all of you who give me the greatest gift of being able to be a creative spirit in the real world.  THANK YOU!  I am going on 9 years of being a full-time artisan and can honestly say that I am one lucky gal.  I am broke most of the time and damn-near close for the rest of the time.  haha!  But I answer to no one and am able to infuse my imagination and creative soul into my daily work.  High fives all around!

2014 was an extraordinary year for me, both in my work and my personal life.  It was full of synchronicity and serendipity, magic and awe, great friends and new friends.  A friend of mine was just remarking yesterday that she really fostered her son's imagination when he was young and now he is a really adventurous person.  She said that he can think to pursue these adventures because he can imagine them first.  That was very significant to me.  I think it's so important to live partly in our imaginations because that is what will allow us to achieve extraordinary things -- the fact that we can first imagine them.  So, let 2015 be a year of imagining!  No limits!

A real powerful mate for imagination is persistence.  My fave brand of persistence is slow and deliberate.  Taking baby steps might seem elementary but I think that subtle progress is usually the most strong and permanent kind.  One little tiny and sure-footed step in a certain direction can inevitably change the entire trajectory.  Backed-up by the fuel of clear intention and you're really on your way!  

As you can see, I'm really waxing philosophical today.  haha!  Leaving my head for a minute, I am happy to say that I have some great new products coming at you online in 2015.  Many of these I already have been producing and selling at craft shows, but will now be available online.  Yay!  Here is a booth pic from the show I just did in Ottawa in December.  

I was ready for business and had an awesome show.  I am getting to know my Ottawa clientele now that I've done the Christmas show 3 times and the spring show once.  I am happy to say that my newest upcycled products were a hit!  Legwarmers, armwarmers, hooded cowls, hats, and skirts all sold quickly, leaving a few customers empty handed when they came back to buy what they had seen a few days earlier in the show.  

UPCYCLED SKIRTS -- What a hit!

The above pic shows some of my skirts made from recycled sweaters.... super fun, super cute, and one-of-a-kind.  

These are my armwarmers made from recycled sweaters, too... funky, warm, and very affordable.  Will post some model pics in the near future so you can see how sexy they look on.

All for now.  I will leave you with this awesome pic that I took yesterday at a nearby beaver pond.  It is an incredible spot located in the Green Mountains Reserve (more on that magical place soon!).  Beavers sure do work hard!

Again, all the BEST to you in 2015!  I would love to hear your feedback on your outlook for the New Year, so please comment below and feel free to share this post with others if you've enjoyed it.  THANKS!!!  Much love!


p.s.  I will be posting some new stuff in the shop next week but in the meantime there are some AWESOME bags still available.  Get bagged in style!  Take me to the shop.....

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