Friday, March 4, 2016

Animal tracks, VIP treatment, and being cool!

G'day passengers of The Hobo Train!  

I've got country living, my new Facebook group, and the coolness factor of handmade on my mind today.  Read on and I'd love to hear some feedback in the comments.  

Stay beautiful and thanks for riding The Hobo Train! 

I live in the country, near the end of a dirt road in a valley flanked by the incredible Green Mountains.  Every Friday in the winter I have a regular snowshoe date with some friends and we plough through the woods motivated by the pot-luck lunch that follows.  This morning was glorious - a true cold winter day with a bright sun and deep blue sky.  We saw some exciting animal tracks: snowshoe hare, fisher cat, deer, mink, and lots of mouse activity.  Check out these snowshoe hare tracks next to the long shadows of the trees:

I recently started a Facebook group, which is different than a Facebook business page... who knew?! This new group is a VIP club where I will be pampering my much-loved and kind-hearted customers with some awesome sales events.  Members of the VIP group will received top-notch treatment and first dibs on the best of what I have to offer.  Not to mention it will be damn fun.  I will be hosting my first sales event next Wednesday, March 9th at 7pm EST.  Join in the party!  Click 'VIP CLUB' below and then click 'join' at the top of the page: 

(I'm also having a giveaway there TODAY!)

I hear a lot of talk about handmade artisan products.  People say that it's good to buy handmade because of the quality, that they last longer, or because it helps a small local business survive, or even because handcrafted items usually come with a unique story of the artist's process, life, and personality.   But one thing that often gets overlooked is COOLNESS.  Handmade items are downright cool.  They are a means of self-expression and when you are able to express your inside on the outside, that equals COOL.  So let your freak flag fly my friends!  Take the opportunity to buy handmade when you can and boost your cool factor.  People know it when they see it and they won't be able to miss it!  'Cause nothing says cool like handmade! 

As always, I love and appreciate you all.  Comment below and I'll be over the moon!

Much love!

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