Thursday, February 6, 2014

The results are in! :)

The results are in!  The giveaway has ended and the lucky winner is KELLEY HOOKER.  C'mon down, Kelley, and claim your prize!  CONGRATS!!!  A million thanks to everyone who participated.  I can hardly believe that there were 5112 entries!  *GASP*  U guys rock!  A little musical interlude to celebrate....  Get off that chair and shake ur money maker!

Celebrate good times, COME ON!!!  Groovy.  :)

Or for those who prefer a more recent tune but still throwback-style, please feel free to shake it like a polaroid picture!  Hey ya!


Whew, that was fun! 

Since this giveaway was such a smashing success, I will be having another in the near future.   Make sure you subscribe to this blog to get all the updates.  You can also get my posts right to your email by using the form at the bottom of the page.  

In order to appease all of the non-winners (NOT losers!), I will be gifting 2 coupon codes for 50% off any purchase in my online shop (before shipping).  I will give these codes to the first 2 people who comment here on this blog post with their email address and with the word: AWESOME.  

Easy peasy sneezy.  :)

In other news, I went to my local rummage sale 'bag day' today.  You can fill a large plastic bag with as much stuff as you can stuff into it for $7.  Ya baby!  It used to be $5 but they raised it two bucks starting this month.  Total bargain.  I got some clothes, fabric, a neat-o handkerchief, and a few other thingies.  Plus a totally retro knitted ORANGE shawl with a fringe.  You heard right -- I said FRINGE!

Signing off for now.  Lots of new product coming into the shop soon at .  I also have another Etsy shop that I'm slowly building up to house all my recycled products.  It's called Train Wreck Clothing.  Check it out: .  

Sweet dreams!  

Renee :)

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